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Moon Bloodgood: ‘I identify more with my Korean side’

Posted on 13 September 2011 by Deborah J. Yoon

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It’s normal and expected for celebrities to see themselves on covers of magazines or appear on television, but many are not aware of the influence they make on society. An admirable individual who is well aware of this responsibility is half Korean and half Dutch-Irish actress/model Moon Bloodgood

Most famous for her role in Terminator Salvation, Bloodgood, who takes great pride in being Korean, recently told Color Magazine how she wants to have Asian American girls look up to her as a role model:

I wish people though of me that way, especially young Asian/American girls because it’s so important to have someone like you that you can see in movies or on television and think, she’s just like me. I don’t know if people even realize I’m Korean – well, my mom is Korean and my dad is Dutch-Irish – but I’m very proud of my heritage. I’ve gone to Korea several times and I identify more with my Korean side than my Dutch/Irish side. I know from experience how good it feels when you see someone of Asian heritage up there on the screen, because there weren’t many of them when I was growing up.

Head over to Color Magazine to read the entire interview.

Moon Bloodgood currently plays Anne Glass on TNT’s hit series Falling Skies.

[Photo: Steve Granitz /WireImage]

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Hot Clicks: Can You Make Kimchi?

Posted on 03 November 2009 by Korean Beacon

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kimchiWhat’s wrong with the next generation? According to the Korea Times, a recent poll conducted in South Korea reveals that 65% of Korean housewives don’t know how to make kimchi.  I wonder what that would be among Korean-Americans? Apparently there’s an uptick lately on making home grown kimchi, and the leading reason is the Swine Flu.

The Gmarket poll shows that the widespread swine flu epidemic is the biggest reason behind people’s newfound interest in the fermented vegetable dish.

“Fermented food is believed to help strengthen the human immune system, so kimchi is emerging as a good solution among health-conscious individuals,” says Baek.

Moon Bloodgood Goes Topless
Moon Bloodgood became the most popular gal this past weekend with the Internet abuzz with her deleted topless scene from this past summer’s “Terminator: Salvation.” You may need your nighttime goggles.

It’s Not Korean but it’s Ewoks!
This isn’t related to Korean things but this video was hilarious with Al Roker and the Today Show getting upstaged by costumed Ewoks. These guys are drunk and they have fun with themselves. Check out the second half of the video and watch it till the end where Roker gets humped by the Michael Jackson dancing Ewok.

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Why Are There More Male Actors?

Posted on 25 October 2009 by Korean Beacon

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Have you noticed the significant increase in Korean-American actors and actresses on TV and movies lately?  Have you noticed there are more men than women in Hollywood?  You would think that there would be more women in front of the camera because let’s be honest, Korean women are great to look at which makes sense in such a visual medium.  Not that the Korean men aren’t studs but who doesn’t like looking at a Korean women?  They are undeniably beautiful women.  Then again, I guess it does take more than just looking good in front of a camera to make it in Hollywood.

This is a an anecdotal story I’m going to share and it does not provide any empirical evidence as to why there are more Korean guys than gals on the screen.  However, it does suggest something.  In my earlier days living in NYC, I roomed with actors and guys who worked at a movie studio.  I was the odd man out because I had a regular job unrelated to the entertainment industry.  I once asked one of my buddies if he ever saw Asian guys out on the audition circuit.  He quickly responded, “Are you kidding me?!  Those guys get more work than most actors out there.”  Huh?! What?  He continued to tell me that though there are only a few roles seeking Asian male faces, there were even less auditioning for them and he suggested that I just give acting a try – even though I had very little acting talent.  Well, to best illustrate this perception, let’s do a quick roll call here.

Ladies on a TV show or in a film in 2009
Smith Cho, Moon Bloodgood, Grace Park, Jamie Chung, Kelly Choi, Margaret Cho, Jenna Ushkowitz, Sandra Oh, Lindsay Price & Yunjin Kim

SmithChomoon bloodgood 4grace_park_13jamie_chung_7kelly_choi_8margaret_cho_3jenna_ushkowitzsandra_oh_emmysLindsay-Price-8yunjin_kim_2

Guys on a TV show or in a film in 2009
Daniel Henney, Tim Kang, Ken Jeong, Aaron Yoo, John Cho, Rex Lee, C.S. Lee, Justin Chon, Rick Yune, Sung Kang, Rain, Lee Byung Hun, Daniel Dae Kim & James Kyson Lee

daniel_henney_1Tim-Kang_lken_jeong_headshotaaron_yoo_2john_cho_1rex_lee_2cs_lee_2justin-chonRick Yunesung_kang_3rainlee-byung-hun1daniel_dae_kimjames_kyson_lee

We may have missed a few folks but these are the Korean-Americans who were in a prominent role in their film or show.  Now 14 to 10 in favor of the men doesn’t seem like a big difference, but if we were to count up the hours of coverage or viewer impressions, then we would see the greater disparity. We don’t have time to count up every second and sum it all up but here are a couple proxies.

Weekly TV program comparison: Tim Kang, Ken Jeong, Rex Lee, John Cho, C.S. lee, Daniel Dae Kim and James Kyson Lee are in key roles on current weekly network television shows.

Movies: Only Moon Bloodgood and Jamie Chung were in big screen films this year versus John Cho, Aaron Yoo, Ken Jeong, Justin Chon, Rick Yune and Sung Kang.  And don’t forget that Hollywood is really gambling with Ninja Assassins and the predominantly Korean cast with Rain as the lead role.

So what are we trying to say?  Simple observations suggest that America is becoming more accepting of the Asian male and there are more opportunities for them.  But what about the ladies?  My conclusion is that there’s that much more competition on the female side of the fence where they’re competing against more open non-ethnic/racial specific roles.  Though they may be going on casting calls for Asian-American woman between 25-30, they’re also going on casting calls for (all) women between 25-30.  I thoroughly root for all the Korean women on the big and small screen, but I wish there were more of them up there.   Don’t you?

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Koreans are MVPs of Future Asian-American Stars

Posted on 08 October 2009 by Korean Beacon

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Jamie ChungThe AMC website had an interesting feature this week, looking into the next generation of Asian-American actors and actresses.  It seems that 2009 was the year where Asian-Americans were more prominent in film and hopefully it only increases.  They called out not only the success of Ken Jeong and John Cho, but a few other Korean-American actors. Interestingly, 6 of the 8 actors they featured were Korean-American. Wohoo! Here’s the excerpts of what they’re saying about them.

Aaron Yoo
The 30-year-old actor appears in four movies this year alone, the latest being Friday the 13th, in which he graciously allows Jason to smash him into a pulp. Yoo also carried a drunk Ari Graynor around in 2008′s Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, and played a suburban sicko in Disturbia (2007). Other actors looking to emulate his success can start with his hipster haircut, possibly accomplished with a pair of kitchen shears.

Jamie Chung
Korean-American beauty Chung’s star is on the rise. She’s scored roles on shows like C.S.I., and even won the Female Stars of Tomorrow Award at this year’s ShoWest industry tradeshow alongside her cheeky Sorority Row castmembers. Next she’ll star alongside Shannen Doherty and Dylan McDermott in Burning Palms, a satire about Los Angeles. Not bad for a girl who kicked off her career on The Real World!

John Cho
Cho’s been starring in the Harold and Kumar movies since 2004, and had small roles in big hits of old like American Beauty and the American Pie series. But this year he proved there’s more to his talent than stoner humor as he filled George Takei’s considerable shoes, portraying Lt. Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek. Look for Cho in Caller ID in 2010… and perhaps on the Trekkie convention circuit as well.

Justin Chon
This Californian has acting in his blood: His father was a movie star in Korea before coming to America. Chon, 29, began his acting career on shows like The O.C., before breaking out in the immigration flick Crossing Over and landing a part in a little movie called Twilight — in which he plays a cute guy who gets good grades and hangs out with Bella Swan. Which means: He’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Ken Jeong
With roles in The Hangover, Knocked Up, and this month’s Couples Retreat, 40-year-old Jeong has shown the range of his comedy this year. In The Hangover, he bosses the cool kids, speaks in falsetto and gets naked as ruthless Asian crime lord Mr. Chow. Regarding his (100 percent gratuitous) nude scene in that role, Jeong commented: “I think the country is ready for tiny Asians to expose themselves.” Bring it on

Moon Bloodgood
She’s in regular rotation on TV, but Bloodgood finally made her big mark in the cinema with this year’s Terminator Salvation, as resistance fighter and love interest Blair Williams. The 34-year-old model-turned-actress (and a member of the Maxim Hot 100) is a Dutch-Korean stunner who started out as a Lakers girl. Look for Moon in Bedrooms, out later this year.

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South Korea’s First Lady Evangelizing Korean Food in NYC

Posted on 22 September 2009 by Korean Beacon

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kim_yoon-okKorean Beacon was present at a luncheon with the first lady of South Korea, Kim Yoon-Ok.  The first lady, famed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Moon Bloodgood, a Korean-American actress, and Salvatore Scarlato were cooking up and serving Korean food – pajeon – to American vets of the Korean War.  The South Korean president and his wife were in NYC for the U.N. General Assembly.  Her coordinated efforts were part of South Korea’s international efforts to globalize Korean food.

The government’s Korean Cuisine to the World campaign began in April, with official goals that include quadrupling the number of Korean restaurants abroad and lifting Korean food into the “top five rank of world cuisines” by 2017. Putting aside that such a ranking system does not exist, the campaign shows how seriously food is now taken by many governments, especially in Asia.

Bang Moon-kyu, a ministry official who is leading the campaign, said that it has about $10 million to spend in 2009, including grants and scholarships for South Koreans to travel and attend culinary school. The campaign has already established a research and development lab devoted to the popular street-food dish called tteokbokki, a garlicky, richly spiced dish of rice cakes bathed in red chili paste. Tteokbokki (pronounced duck-bo-key) got its own festival in March, spinning off from the larger annual Seoul festival of rice cakes, or tteok. “And tteokbokki is only the beginning,” he said.

“First was Chinese food in the U.S., then Japanese and Thai,” said Min Mon-hong, director of tourism for Korea. “Korean is the next big boom.”

Along side Jean-George was his wife, Marja, who happens to be Korean-American herself.  “I’ve been teaching him some sauces and marinades,” said Mr. Vongerichten’s wife, Marja. “I think he would do great things with gochujang,” she said, referring to the spicy, fermented paste of ripe red chili peppers that is one of the basic seasonings of the Korean kitchen.

New York seems to be the perfect city to launch Korea’s crusade to evangelize Korean food since it is one of the culinary capitals of the world.  However, there’s a lot more to do to reach the goal of putting Korean food on the global map.  Let’s hope it gets there!

Source: NY Times

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Moon Bloodgood Named Tourism Ambassador

Posted on 03 September 2009 by Korean Beacon

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moon-bloodgood-sandHollywood actress Moon Bloodgood will be named an honorary ambassador for tourism by the Korea Tourism Organization on Monday.

She becomes the first Hollywood star to represent Korea’s tourism.

Bloodgood, who was born to an American father and a Korean mother, appeared in several television shows since 2002 and starred as the “gorgeous woman” in the 2004 movie “Win a Date with Ted Hamilton.” Her other works include “A Lot Like Live,” “Eight Below,” and most recently “Terminator Salvation.” She was also named one of the “40 Most Beautiful Hollywood Women” by movie magazine Premier.

“We plan on working with Ms. Bloodgood in various star marketing for the U.S. region,” said Shin Pyeong-sub, head of the North American team of KTO. “We hope her becoming the honorary ambassador will help enhance Korea’s tourism image in the market of the United States that has been suffering due to economic downturn and the spread of H1N1 virus,” Shin said. The appointment ceremony will be at the KTO’s auditorium Monday morning.

Source: The Korea Herald

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Best Actress in a Science Fiction Movie or TV Show

Posted on 01 September 2009 by Korean Beacon

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moon-bloodgoodMoon Bloodgood has been nominated for Best Actress in a Science Fiction Movie or TV Show on Spike TV’s SCREAM awards.  The fourth annual SCREAM awards is an event that honors the best in sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comic genres.  The show is scheduled to tape on Saturday, October 17th at The Greek Theater in LA.

“SCREAM 2009″ celebrates the hottest films, TV shows, comics, actors, creators, icons and pioneers who have influenced and shaped the industry.  This year’s show will also continue the tradition of featuring exclusive World Premieres from some of the most anticipated movies of 2010. The two-hour extravaganza will premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 (10:00 PM-Midnight, ET/PT).

Go vote for Moon Bloodgood at Spike TV>

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Moon Bloodgood Cast in Spielberg’s Asian Invasion Pilot

Posted on 03 August 2009 by Korean Beacon

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moon-bloodgoodMoon Bloodgood is going to be fighting non-humans again in an upcoming Steven Spielberg pilot for TNT.  Moon had a big break earlier this summer co-starring along side Christian Bale in “Terminator: Salvation.”  For the TNT pilot, she’ll be co-starring with ER’s Noah Wyle, Jessy Schram, Seychelle Gabriel and Maxim Knight.  The untitled pilot is set shortly after aliens have wiped out most of the human population and centers on a ragtag group of soldiers and civilians led by widower Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) who struggle against the occupying alien force.

Bloodgood will play Anne Glass, a therapist working with the children to help them with the trauma of the alien invasion. With her strength and dry sense of humor, Anne, whose husband died during the invasion, becomes a bedrock of the survivors’ community and Tom’s confidant.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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Moon Bloodgood In The Top 40 Most Beautiful Hollywood Women

Posted on 23 July 2009 by Korean Beacon

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moon-bloodgood-9Moon Bloodgood was #3 of the top 40 most beautiful hollywood women, according to Premiere.com.  According to Premiere magazine’s top ladies list, Moon who is of Korean descent, beat out every single actress in Hollywood except Mila Kunis and Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire.  A few months back, Moon was picked as one of the most beautiful people according to People magazine.  With her breakout movie role in Terminator Salvation, it looks like she’s becoming increasingly coveted in Hollywood.

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Korean-Americans on Television

Posted on 15 July 2009 by Korean Beacon

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So who are the Korean-Americans that are on television today?  You might be clicking on the remote going from one channel to another, but along the way you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the numerous Korean-Americans who are on American TV: they’re on reality shows, they play gay characters, and of course they show some skill and intelligence.  You’ll find a Korean-American actor or host on a show almost every night of the week.  Here’s a roll call of Korean-Americans who are living large on your high definition television this summer.  Don’t forget, John Cho and Daniel Henney will be leading another group of Korean-American actors into new shows this fall.

Tim Kang: The Mentalist is one of the highest rated shows on television and Tim Kang plays Kimball Cho, one of the main characters who assists Simon Baker’s character.  Even if you haven’t seen The Mentalist, he’s probably familiar to you because he’s had a great run on commercials.  You can see him on Thursday nights @ 10pm on CBS.

Grace Park: She’s a rising star who’s coming off of a successful run on Battlestar Gallactica.  She’s well known for her lingerie shoot on Maxim and for being voted FHM Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World, but you’ll find her weekly with Benjamin Bratt on The Cleaner, Tuesday nights @ 10pm on A&E.

Margaret Cho: She’s the most famous Korean-American comedian.  Whether you like her jokes or not, you can’t argue her success.  She’s been going strong for a long time, and she’s currently on a cross country comedy tour.   You can find her on two different television channels: her comedy special, Beautiful, on Showtime and on  Drop Dead Diva on Sunday nights @ 9pm on Lifetime.

Kelly Choi: She’s the ex-Ford model who’s gone from local NY TV host to a national TV show.  She’s not just a pretty face either, because she has degrees from William & Mary and Columbia University.  It’s hard to believe that she’s a foodie because she’s so skinny but some people are just blessed with great genes and metabolism.  Check out Top Chef Masters on Wednesday nights @ 10pm on Bravo.

Rex Lee: How did a gay minority become one of the favorite characters of a show fueled by male testosterone?  He started out as the abused assistant to power agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Pivens), but the audience came to love the guy because of his banter with Ari and the boys.  Sunday nights are back with Entourage – 10pm on HBO

Moon Bloodgood: She made a big splash this summer in the blockbuster, Terminator Salvation.  She’s one of People Magazine’s most beautiful people.  She’s got one of the coolest names and you can see Moon Bloodgood on Burn Notice on Thursday nights @ 9pm on USA.


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