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Please Fill Out the U.S. Census Form!

Posted on 23 March 2010 by Korean Beacon

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This is a very public plea to everyone who enjoys Korean Beacon to fill out the U.S. Census form.  It’s been 10 years since the last census and it approximated 1.5 million Korean-Americans in these beautiful United States of America.  You may not think so but the census impacts our lives in many ways, and to account for every Korean-American will only make our voice that much stronger.  Though we’re a minority, we can be a strong minority.  So if you see the mailing then open it up and take a few minutes to fill it out and return it via U.S. mail.  Ask your parents to fill it out.

For more information on the 2010 census, go to the official government website.

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Report: Korean Population in US Stood at 1.3 Million in 2008

Posted on 24 September 2009 by Korean Beacon


A new report finds one-point-three million people of Korean descent were living in the United States last year.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2008 American Community Survey, some one-point-three million people of full Korean descent were living in the U.S. last year.

The number of such residents in California jumped nearly four percent from 2007 to stand at 439-thousand last year. Some 123-thousand were found to be living in New York, some 75-thousand in New Jersey, 66-thousand in Texas and 65-thousand in Washington.

The Los Angeles region had the largest ethnic Korean community at some 283-thousand.

The Korean population in the U.S. is expected to be much larger than the recently released figure if short-term residents are included.

Source: KBS

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Korean-Americans on Television

Posted on 15 July 2009 by Korean Beacon

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So who are the Korean-Americans that are on television today?  You might be clicking on the remote going from one channel to another, but along the way you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the numerous Korean-Americans who are on American TV: they’re on reality shows, they play gay characters, and of course they show some skill and intelligence.  You’ll find a Korean-American actor or host on a show almost every night of the week.  Here’s a roll call of Korean-Americans who are living large on your high definition television this summer.  Don’t forget, John Cho and Daniel Henney will be leading another group of Korean-American actors into new shows this fall.

Tim Kang: The Mentalist is one of the highest rated shows on television and Tim Kang plays Kimball Cho, one of the main characters who assists Simon Baker’s character.  Even if you haven’t seen The Mentalist, he’s probably familiar to you because he’s had a great run on commercials.  You can see him on Thursday nights @ 10pm on CBS.

Grace Park: She’s a rising star who’s coming off of a successful run on Battlestar Gallactica.  She’s well known for her lingerie shoot on Maxim and for being voted FHM Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World, but you’ll find her weekly with Benjamin Bratt on The Cleaner, Tuesday nights @ 10pm on A&E.

Margaret Cho: She’s the most famous Korean-American comedian.  Whether you like her jokes or not, you can’t argue her success.  She’s been going strong for a long time, and she’s currently on a cross country comedy tour.   You can find her on two different television channels: her comedy special, Beautiful, on Showtime and on  Drop Dead Diva on Sunday nights @ 9pm on Lifetime.

Kelly Choi: She’s the ex-Ford model who’s gone from local NY TV host to a national TV show.  She’s not just a pretty face either, because she has degrees from William & Mary and Columbia University.  It’s hard to believe that she’s a foodie because she’s so skinny but some people are just blessed with great genes and metabolism.  Check out Top Chef Masters on Wednesday nights @ 10pm on Bravo.

Rex Lee: How did a gay minority become one of the favorite characters of a show fueled by male testosterone?  He started out as the abused assistant to power agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Pivens), but the audience came to love the guy because of his banter with Ari and the boys.  Sunday nights are back with Entourage – 10pm on HBO

Moon Bloodgood: She made a big splash this summer in the blockbuster, Terminator Salvation.  She’s one of People Magazine’s most beautiful people.  She’s got one of the coolest names and you can see Moon Bloodgood on Burn Notice on Thursday nights @ 9pm on USA.


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How many Koreans are there in the US?

Posted on 26 January 2009 by Korean Beacon

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I guess I’m being extremely myopic if I thought that half the Koreans in the US reside in Palisades Park, Queens and LA.  I was close but in actuality, nearly half of all Korean immigrants to the US reside in only 4 states: California, New York, New Jersey and Virginia.  This according to the US Census burea report of 2007.   Here are some interesting facts about Korean immigrants to the US:

  • Koreans made up 2.7% of all immigrants in the US, ranking Koreans as the 7th largest immigrant population after Mexican, Filipino, Indian, Chinese, Salvadoran, and Vietnamese foreign born.  I know what you’re thinking – we’re behind Salvadorans?   At least Koreans are only 2% of the unauthorized immigrants in the US ;)
  • Nearly a 1/4 of Korean immigrants arrived in the US after the millennium.
  • Korean immigrant women outnumber the men.
  • About 40% of Korean employed men worked in management, business, finance and sales.

For more facts …. read>

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Korean-Americans find a home in Fullerton California

Posted on 16 January 2009 by Korean Beacon


What part of California are Koreans migrating to?  Ahhh the good OC, where the people have historically been white and the beaches off-white.  This is what we can call Korean sprawl I guess?

Amerige Heights, just like the villages in Irvine and the newer housing tracts of Tustin, has become a destination for Asian Americans, drawn by high-performing schools, relatively crime-free neighborhoods and good jobs.  Fullerton, once a traditionally white bedroom community in northern Orange County, has seen growing numbers of Asians moving into its middle-class neighborhoods such as Amerige Heights, where real estate agents estimate more than half of the residents are of Korean descent. To cater to them, smaller Korean churches have sprouted in the area, such as Crossway Community Church in Brea. Korean parents even started a Korean PTA at Sunny Hills High School, where Asian Americans make up half of the student body.

It was a different place 25 years ago when Virginia Han moved to town. There were no Korean markets and few Korean newspapers and radio stations. “But now there are so many Koreans, it’s like Korean, Korean, Korean,” said Han, a real estate agent.  Read>

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