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Hyeouk Chris Hahm

Homosexual Identity of Asian-Americans

Posted on 14 July 2009 by Korean Beacon

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Interesting new study by Hyeouk Chris Hahm, an Assistant Professor at the BU School of Social Work, about the greater social and psychological stresses of being homosexual, compared to non-Asians.

Their study is based on Hahm’s earlier study, about 1,000 Asian American adolescents and young adults (18 to 27 years old), who said they were attracted to the same sex. This group struggled to both fit in with the prevailing American culture and also establish an authentic sexual identity that they knew was different from the norms of mainstream U.S. and their parents culture ( primarily from China, Japan and Korea).

“For instance, in South Korea, where male children have obligations to marry and create a traditional notion of family, homosexuality is considered a deviant behavior that brings family dishonor and shame,” the study states, noting that this cultural barrier leaves this sexual minority with multiple oppressions and a sense of fear and inability to accept their sexual identity.

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