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Korean Food USA: Koriente

Posted on 07 October 2011 by Deborah J. Yoon

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Korean Food USA is a new series that showcases Korean and Korean-inspired eateries all around the nation.

One of our very own readers from Texas recommended a Southern gem serving up a variety of healthy Korean and Asian-inspired dishes called Koriente in Austin, TX. This restaurant was established by a mother (Nam Lee) who, ironically, hated to cook, and enjoyed eating out at restaurants. However, after failing to find places that offered both delicious and nutritious dishes for her kids, she decided to open her own restaurant where she would use healthy ingredients to create her umma (mother)-approved menu.

Spicy Chicken Bulgogi Bowl

Koriente’s menu offers a variety, and there are options for every food palate. Their Spicy Chicken Bulgogi Bowl incorporates Korean flavors by using a spicy Korean marinade for the chicken, and serving it over a choice of brown or white rice, along with steamed broccoli and carrots. Even with just a few ingredients, it’s not short on flavor. Another fresh and satisfying dish is the Noodle Garden, which is a dish of mung bean noodles served with organic spring greens, avocado, red bell pepper, red cabbage, and cucumber in Koriente’s own balsamic soy sauce.

A favorite among customers: Noodle Garden

Do not let the word “healthy” give you any doubts, because Koriente’s dishes are full of flavor.

621 E 7th St
Austin, Texas  78701
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Thanks for the tip, Esther!

[Photos: Dave H. and Allison F./Yelp and Koriente]

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