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David Choe to become one of the richest street artists in the world

Posted on 06 February 2012 by Eunice Roh

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David Choe

From the streets to new riches, literally.

Choe’s “dirty style” artwork has a large following, and luckily, among his biggest fans is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who became a patron of his work and was paid in Facebook stocks when Choe was asked to paint murals for Facebook’s Palo Alto headquarters. And now, after Facebook makes their shares public this year, Choe will soon become one of the richest street artists in the world with shares in Facebook worth up to $200 million dollars, reports The New York Times.

But becoming a multi-millionaire probably won’t stop Choe from his creative ventures. Just recently, Choe participated in the Terminal Kings project—an international art festival, where he and other international street artists created murals that are now being displayed at Denver International Airport.

David ChoeOne of Choe’s artwork for Terminal Kings

Choe also actively blogs, has a podcast called Korean Gone Bad, and creates graphics for RVCA, a well-known skate/surf apparel and lifestyle brand. On top of his budding career, Choe also has out a documentary titled Dirty Hands, and his book, David Choe, which depicts his life and art.

Here’s a clip of David Choe with Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook HQ back in 2005:

To see and read more about David Choe, check out his Facebook page here.

[Photo: Freshness, Britt Chester/Westword]



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