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Food Column: B-Bap in Midtown

Posted on 30 December 2009 by jumelle

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Away from the streets of K-town, a new Korean joint has emerged in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. B-Bap, short for bibimbap, is a play on the traditional dish, which consists of rice mixed with veggies and beef in a hot stone bowl tossed in a red chili pepper paste.

It seems that the folks at B-Bap are riding the healthy & chic “fast food” wave, having created a decor that is reminiscent of Pinkberry. The joint offers a variety of different choices – spicy chicken for the adventurous, tofu for the health-conscious, and beef for those looking for the more traditional dish.

At B-Bap, you can choose which veggies you want in your bowl, which saves the hassle of picking out the sprouts that you hate after everything’s been mixed together. The idea of deconstructing the bibimbap is also interesting, as you can pick and choose and see which ingredients make up your very own rice bowl.

Some of the trendier options include green tea rice, which is a favorite at B-Bap. The green tea taste is very subdued, but it takes away some of the grease and adds a lightness to the dish. There are also formidable alternatives to the traditional red chili pepperĀ  — tangy soy, teriyaki, and creamy onion (a bit of a heavier choice).

Watch our video below for a tour at B-Bap!



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