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Grace Park And Her Famous Maxim Photo Shoot

Posted on 13 July 2009 by Korean Beacon

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Grace Park made a big splash when she stripped down to her lingerie for a Maxim photo shoot a couple years ago.  She further validated that Korean women are truly beautiful.  If you don’t know, she’s actually Korean-Canadian.  She made a big splash on TV as Sharon Valerii on Battlestar Galactica, which is the same time she did the photo shoot for Maxim: they dubbed her the “finest alien” on TV. Today she’s on her new show, The Cleaner with Benjamin Bratt on the A&E channel.  See below for the still pictures of Grace Park from the Maxim photo shoot.

Queen of the jungle:
“I had to do this one sex scene for Battlestar that wasn’t a bedroom scene. It was outside in a forest under a lightning-and-thunder shower. I was like, ´So you want some crazy forest sex? OK, I gotcha.´ In the end, they had to totally edit it down and take out all my moaning.”

Viva ass Vegas:
“It was in Vegas on New Year’s on the strip. It’s packed with 2,000 people on the street. Someone grabbed my ass, and I whipped around and there were 10 people. I picked one guy and I fuckin’ reamed him! I scared the shit out of this guy. It was the wrong guy, but I didn’t care…”

Amazing Grace:
“The craziest thing I did on a date was probably cutting through the lobby of the Wickaninnish Inn buck naked except for a yellow rain jacket and rubber boots, stripping down, and jumping into the ocean right in front of the hotel. Mind you, it was October and we were in Canada. Not only was it freezing; it was night and we couldn’t see our clothes.”




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