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You Can Marry A Rich Korean Woman (cougar)!

Posted on 17 June 2009 by Korean Beacon

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koreanwomanFrom South Korea comes the biggest prize in dating:  a chance to marry a 49 year old woman worth an estimated $18 million.   Nearly 400 men in South Korea have responded to the Sunoo matchmaking web site.   The woman who has put herself out there is described to be “elegant, slim, feminine and active” and is looking for a “soulmate”.  So why is she doing this?  Because she’s a career driven woman who just has no time to find that man.

So what does she want in her man?  “The bride prefers average but serious persons to high-flying professionals,” the spokeswoman said.  The unnamed woman enjoys sports and travelling, and she wants her new man to have a “warm heart”.  ”She wants a soulmate with passion for life, who will share the ups and downs of life and can spend time to travel with her” said Sunoo’s spokeswoman.



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